Blood Orange Margarita Recipe

Blood Orange Margarita Cocktail Recipe on

This blood orange margarita is the perfect cocktail recipe for the long Labor Day weekend. Make a pitcher and chill out with friends and family, one more time before autumn peeks over the horizon.

Super Easy Summer Peach Freezer Jam

Easy Peach Freezer Jam Recipe on

– Peach freezer jam is the perfect first step to canning for beginners. – Peaches are the one fruit I wish were in season all year round. Maybe someday I’ll find a magical genie in a lamp, and when I do, that’s exactly what I’m going to ask for. Until then, I’ll keep making peach preserves to keep me content through winter’s staunch fruitlessness. Many folks are wary of preserving their own fruit, and for good reason. Besides being a fairly time consuming process, a botched attempt at canning can spell disaster for anyone who eats from a contaminated batch. …

Food Photography: Star Wars Edition

Raspberry Storm Trooper on

The other day I was playing around in my “studio” (which is actually just my dining room table covered with photography equipment) when my Star Wars obsessed husband sidled his storm trooper action figure into the middle of my raspberry setup. I thought you might enjoy what happened next.

Peach Elderberry Jam

Peach Elderberry Jam on

If you want to know how to make peach jam, this easy variation is a great recipe to get your started. Jam recipes are an easy way to make preserves to keep fresh fruit through the winter. Peaches and elderberries go very well together!

Homemade Peach Ice Cream Recipe

Homemade Peach Ice Cream Recipe on

This homemade peach ice cream recipe is perfect for summertime when peaches are at their peak. If you have an ice cream maker, why not grab your ripest peaches and make something delicious?