One-Pot Butterflied Brown Sugar Mustard Chicken Recipe

One-Pot Butterflied Brown Sugar Mustard Chicken on

– A mustard chicken recipe that might keep you from jumping off a bridge. Because chicken is magical. – Snow. Lots of it. Ice on the roads and sidewalks. Gray skies popping in and out of visibility between equally monochromatic buildings and lampposts. If you’re anywhere near the northern and/or eastern part of the country, this is your reality right now. Still bundled up in mittens and earmuffs and wool socks, coat zipped all the way up to your eyeballs, halfheartedly greeting each new day along with the additional four inches of snow it’s brought with it. All of this snow makes …

Cinnamon Apple Cake Recipe with Sour Cream

Cinnamon Apple Sour Cream Cake Recipe

  – For this little birthday, as apple cake recipe that takes 15 minutes to prepare. – Guess what? My 8th year blog birthday just passed! That’s right — back on February 4, 2006, I wrote my very first post, about vegan cupcakes. The photo is ridiculous and I didn’t even include a recipe. Wow, things have sure changed. For one thing, this website was called “Wasabimon” back then, a weird nickname I’d picked up on BattleNet, an online gaming community. (Long story… I eventually became “NachoBiznatch” after that – another long story.) For years people thought I was either concentrating on …

Valentine’s Day White Chocolate Soufflé Recipe

Valentine's Day White Chocolate Souffle on

– How about a pink and white chocolate soufflé recipe for Valentine’s Day? – Yes, please! When it comes to romance, can you think of a culture more associated with grand, sweeping gestures of love than the French? There’s a reason they call Paris “the city of love.” Then it makes sense to celebrate Valentine’s Day with another simple dessert straight out of France’s pastry canon, a recipe for white chocolate soufflé. Plus soufflés only take about 10 minutes of work to create, so you’ll be able to spend your time doing, um, other things with your holiday.

Dessert for Two: Valentine’s Day Coeur à la Crème

Valentines Day Coeur a la Creme on

– Valentine’s Day Coeur à la Crème – perfect for two. – If you’re looking for a perfect Valentine’s Day dessert for two (after your special Valentine’s Day cheese plate, of course), look no further than the classic coeur à la crème, which literally means “heart of cream.” A traditional French treat, coeur à la crème is anything but difficult to make, requiring only about ten minutes worth of actual work and then an overnight nap in the refrigerator. This recipe is basically a sweet, cream-cheesy filling poured into a heart-shaped mold. And it’s the perfect size to be shared!

Valentine’s Day Cheese: A Cheese Plate Made for Two

Valentines Day Cheese Plate

– Three Valentine’s Day cheeses worth gifting – Most folks don’t think of cheese when it comes to Valentine’s Day surprises, but I can’t think of a more delicious gift for your best boy or girl. Cheese is thoughtful, it’s fun, and it’s more unique than a typical box of chocolates. A well-thought-out cheese plate says so many things. To a true cheese lover, it says, “You’re awesome enough to warrant something really special.”

Winter’s Bounty Breakfast Cake Recipe

Winter's Bounty Breakfast Cake

– A quick breakfast cake recipe for those snowy winter mornings – As anyone with a CSA membership knows, winter can be a season of consistency; when you open your weekly winter produce box, you generally find a rotating cast of kale, beets, fennel root, carrots, celeriac, parsnips, and other cold-weather goodies. I’m 100% pro-hearty greens and root vegetables, but even I can only make so many root-based soups and creamy gratins. After a while, I get bored and need something else to do with all of these starchy roots… I need a recipe compelling enough to curb my winter veggie box ennui. This breakfast cake recipe is an ode to …