Springtime Swagger: Pickled Rhubarb

Picked Rhubarb on http://www.theculinarylife.com

– Garrett took this pickled rhubarb photo with his phone. Zoinx! –

So, this it totally Garrett’s recipe, which I’ve pilfered so that we can do a joint recipe together (coming next week!). A major part of that dish is pickled rhubarb, and instead of combining two recipes into one mega-long recipe, I’m dividing them up for the sake of both sanity and organization.

When I first tasted this pickle, I reflexively made an awful, sour face that felt like someone was sucking my eyeballs into my brainstem. Garrett looked at me, concerned, and asked, “It’s not good?” After taking a few seconds to catch my breath, I squeaked out that no, I thought it was actually quite good. I just wasn’t prepared for it. I think I choked out the words “bracing” and “astringent” before diving in for a second piece.

I think Garrett put it best: [Read more…]