How to Make Mint Tea

How to Make Mint Tea on http://www.theculinarylife.comThis week’s guest post on how to make mint tea is by the infamous Garrett McCord of Vanilla Garlic. Besides being a dear friend of mine, Garrett is also one of the most creative cooks I’ve ever met. I’ve seen him pull some amazing recipes out of thin air, then whip then into reality in a matter of minutes. His approach to cooking is an inspiration.

Also, this topic came up on the cooking support group recently, and I was surprised that some folks didn’t know how to make mint tea. So here’s the official recipe and tutorial!

Sometimes, though, life just sucks — and when that happens, you probably don’t have the energy to cook. When the four letter words hit the fan, you need something simple to take your worries away. At times like this, it pays to know how to make mint tea. And that’s exactly what Garrett is sharing with you today.

Know what’s stressful? Walking into your apartment and listening to the squish-squash-sqloosh of your feet as you cross the carpeted floor. Even more stressful? Entering your 105F bathroom that radiates heat from the floor like a dry sauna. Even more stressful than that? In order to assert dominance over the smelliest parts of the carpet where the mold is beginning to grow roots, your cats decide to suddenly start peeing on the floors. Something they’ve never done before.

So yes. I am stressed.

I’m also eating more mint then I ever have before. I toss it in salads, stir it into mint jelly, nibble it raw… I feel like a mentholated rabbit. I read that it’s a stress reliever; an herb with the ability to sooth the body and mind. So far, it’s not helping much. Maybe it does do these things, but I’ll be honest: When you realize you’re going to have to throw out your box spring because it’s soaking up water and starting to sag more than a sixty-year old stripper, well, cramming mint down your throat just isn’t going to cut it.

Still, one does begin to take any and all efforts to relax.

Mint tea is a heady brew. It’s one of the greatest qualities of the stuff. Cool, dark, and refreshing, mint covers everything in a brisk and green breeze that eases the senses.

This is important when your soggy apartment is as rank as an ill-kept compost pile. I can’t physically feel the soothing qualities of mint tea right now. There’s too much competition for my nerves. Mint tea does, however, drown out the smell for a bit.

I shove my face deep into that mug of boiling hot aromatherapy. The scent overtakes me. It swirls around my face and I can take up the verdant steam in heavy breaths. So thick is the perfume you can suck it up and roll in around on your tongue. The taste is perky, bright, and it practically tingles on your tongue. Raw mint is a powerful panacea for the senses.

It is a calm escape while I wait for the damn landlord to hurry up and send a plumber.

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How to Make Mint Tea
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Peppermint tea will cure what ails you, whether it be a stomach ache, nausea, headache, lethargy, you name it. A quick, simple and CHEAP remedy.
  • 1 handful of fresh mint
  • 2 cups of boiling water
  1. There isn’t really a recipe for mint tea, but rather a method. Wash and tear up the fresh mint leaves. (Spearmint, peppermint, chocolate mint; the variety doesn’t matter.) Put them in a French press or teapot and pour some boiling water over them. Allow to steep for about 3-7 minutes, depending on how strong you want your tea. Feel free to add a bit of honey or even a splash of whole milk if you want.
  2. Enjoy.
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  1. Tom says

    I keep 5 different mints growing and usually mix them all. I keep a pitcher of iced mint tea in frig. Ialways add a tad of stevia. I grow it but it doesn’t regenerate as fast as mint but fortunately it is becoming more available commercially with it’s zero calories.

  2. Tracy says

    The task of gathering, washing, tearing the mint leaves is soothing in itself. The scrumptious tea is a lovely bonus. Thank you!

  3. Xavier says

    Thanx! I might be a guy a kid no less, but I love to cook. I have been looking for a mint recipe I have tons of mint. Thanx again!!!!!

    • Stephanie Stiavetti says

      Awesome, Xavier! You should check out the Ninja group I started on Facebook, for asking all sorts of cooking questions. :)


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