Baking Bread in the Digital Era with Michael Ruhlman

Gluten-free readers, avert your eyes. I just wrote a post for KQED’s Bay Area Bites where I interview Michael Ruhlman about his new iPad/iPhone app, Bread Baking Basics. Here’s an excerpt:

Michael’s second mobile app, Bread Baking Basics for iPhone/iPad, focuses on one particular topic: baking bread. The app provides users with a primer on home bread baking, offering clear descriptions of the tools and techniques you need for successful results. The Bread Baking Basics app measures all the ingredients, calculates the amounts, and gives you step-by-step instructions for making great bread based on what you want.

BAB: What made you decide to develop an app that teaches people how to bake bread? What was your inspiration?

MR: My initial inclination, along with my partner in these products, was to develop a series of cooking apps for the iPad and iPhone, but especially the tablet, which presents images so well.  Bread was first because bread baking, completely reliant on ratios, so readily lent itself to tablets and smart phones and what they are capable of doing that books, television and the internet can’t do: create recipes designed specifically for each user. … One of the coolest things about apps is that they’re organic — they can change.  I’ll be adding a no-knead ratio and a gluten-free ratio soon, which will automatically update to anyone who has already purchased the original app.

For the rest of the interview, visit the post on Bay Area Bites.

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