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The last five years have shown that Americans are obsessed with small, colorful desserts. I think the next trend will be petits fours, but until then, macarons (not macaroons) are the next big thing. So check out this Tumblr blog dedicated to these tiny little cookies: Macaronage, and its accompanying Twitter page.


  1. A Rockridge Life says:

    I am happy to know about Macaronage. A few opinions. I’ve spent a lot of time in Paris in the last couple of years. Pierre Herme are my favorite because I think they are the highest quality pastry and filling, but the nouveau flavors aren’t really my thing. I’ll take a basic fruits rouge from Laduree anyday. Michel Cluizel make excellent ones too, especially chocolate, natch. That said I’ve never had a macaron state-side that has wowed me, or for that matter been good enough to threaten the macaron’s legacy as an elitist French delicacy. NB: most of my state-side macaron experiences have been in the SF area. Paulette’s were (way) over-filled. Boulangerie’s were cold (even after I gave them a 1/2 hour to come to room temp) and were also hard and barely edible. On my list to try are Miette, Masse, and Bouchon, but frankly, all love for TK, I don’t have high hopes for state-side macarons.

    • Stephanie Stiavetti says:

      Hrmm, perhaps we should plan a macaron crawl sometime. :) I like Masse’s, though I’ve never had Miette or Bouchon, and I’ve yet to try a Paris macaron. Tragic!

      • A Rockridge Life says:

        I’d be into that. I just got a tip on a macaron guy…Christopher David Macaron . A friend tried them at the underground market recently and said they were amazing.
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  3. MarthaAndMe says:

    Gorgeous! I agree about petit fours. I adore them!

  4. very cool – I love macarons!

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