Ixtapa Food Blogger Camp Recap

What do you get when you combine 30 food bloggers, unlimited alcohol and a tropical beach-front resort? You get one hell of a week, that’s what.

I’ve spent the past eight days at Food Blogger Camp at Club Med in Ixtapa, Mexico. It was amazing in so many ways that I can barely explain it – I formed new friendships and deepened some that were already in place. We ate, drank, swam, wandered, and took trapeze lessons. I had no idea that I could pickle my liver to such a degree. All-you-can-drink cocktails are a dangerous thing.

It’s really difficult to put such a perfect trip into words. I’ve been trying to write about it all week, but my brain is still switched into vacation mode and it just isn’t happening.

Instead, I’m going to show you a few photos and let you see for yourself.

Diana and Brooke lounging by the beach

Garrett with his spiffy dessert

Adam hiding in some colorful chairs

A gorgeous Ixtapa sunset

All you can eat dessert – yes, you read that right!

The food was never-ending…

The resort had an epic pool…

I brought a storm trooper with me, since my husband couldn’t be there. 😉

Troopers great and small

Me and Casey trying to be sooooo 2007 MySpace.

Sarah and her hand-painted bowl.

Someone snapped this photo of me being silly.

Me and Dianne loving the sunshine.

I love this photo! Matt, Brooke, Todd, Diane and Adam on the last night.

Garrett readying his burqa

David and his monster drink – which wasn’t real. 😉

Michael hard at work in the air conditioning

Me and Matt – love him!

Me and Lori, two ladies in white.

I’d like to thank the speakers, who generously shared their expertise with us:

David Lebovitz
Michael and Donna Ruhlman
Dianne Jacob
Jaden Hair
Elise Bauer
Matt Armendariz
Adam Pearson
Todd Porter and Diane Cu

Thank you Jaden, David and Kate Moeller for making this happen. I also want to thank Diana Johnson for being a great roommate!

I’m hoping to write more on this later, but I think it’s going to take a little more time to process. Until then, I’ll be wandering the streets, looking for free cocktails.

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Comments from other ninjas:

  1. Tangled Noodle says

    [Deep sighs] What lovely photographs! I don’t doubt that everyone had an amazing time and I really appreciate you and your fellow ‘bootcampers’ for sharing pics, tips and highlights with the rest of us.
    .-= Check out Tangled Noodle

  2. Fran says

    Love the smiling Trooper holding the Storm Trooper. Great! Totally understand the head in vacation mode thing. I think that’s why I keep writing about the trip — keeping the memories active so that the trip doesn’t fade into the recesses of my gray matter.

    • steph says

      Totally. It’s hard for me to not sweep it under the rug as something that happened a lifetime ago – perhaps it’s my mind’s self defense from falling into wistfulness.

  3. DianasaurDishes says

    Loved being your roommate! Wasn’t it an amazing time? Can’t wait to see you again soon.
    .-= Check out DianasaurDishes

  4. Dianne Jacob says

    That was me who snapped that photo of lovely you on the beach.

    Thanks for capturing the week so beautifully in photos. Owen and I got home and looked for the buffet, but it was not there. Boo.
    .-= Check out Dianne Jacob

  5. Susan Johnston says

    Wow, that looks like it was a blast! I’m kind of jealous. Hopefully you’ll post more about what you learned, so we can all live vicariously through you. :)
    .-= Check out Susan Johnston

    • steph says

      I could post my notes – and I know Diana took notes and videos. Let’s see what we can do about getting those up for everyone who couldn’t attend.

  6. sarah henry says

    So glad you had such a fun vacation…the food alone looks fantastic…pack me in your suit case next time!
    .-= Check out sarah henry

  7. Lori @ RecipeGirl says

    I miss it!!! I’m loving the Star Wars pics (as I knew I would). How did you ever explain to the Mex trooper why you were having him hold the little trooper??
    .-= Check out Lori @ RecipeGirl

    • steph says

      I don’t really remember – I know Donna was there and it involved a lot of pointing and smiling. Damn cocktails fuzzed out the afternoon. 😉

  8. Sarah says

    Great pics! Maybe we’ll run into each other wandering the streets looking for free cocktails.
    .-= Check out Sarah

  9. Faith Kramer says

    Need I say how jealous I am of all this!
    Looking forward to more of your insights, etc.
    .-= Check out Faith Kramer

  10. Nate @ House of Annie says

    Wow, you got to meet so many big name floggers! Gorgeous photos.
    .-= Check out Nate @ House of Annie

  11. Single Guy Ben says

    LOL, that photo of you in the white dress on the beach looked like a wedding photo! If you didn’t mention the storm trooper, I would have thought you got drunk and got married there! 😛
    .-= Check out Single Guy Ben

  12. Allison Arevalo says

    wow. incredible. Seems like the trip of a lifetime. I would so love to go next year.
    .-= Check out Allison Arevalo

  13. Kasey says

    You look like you had an amazing time! I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s recaps. What an incredible opportunity (and not a bad vacation!) :)
    .-= Check out Kasey

  14. Nancy Singleton Hachisu says

    Hey there crazy wasabi monster…greetings from wasabi land. I’m a strangely superstitious person who won’t read anything about what I’m writing until I finish. Phew, finally posted and am making the rounds (OK, I cheated and looked at a few–especially yours, because the photos captivated me). I can’t quite get your voice out of my mind (it’s a good thing) and I’ll always associate that rise and fall sound with the food bloggers camp. OK, I’m a little weird. Your post was so “Stephanie,” and it brought me back home to that time. Thanks for evoking those moments so well. See you in SF? Your little orange boxes look so enticing, but I have to admit total ignorance on how to use them. Don’t tell anyone that I graduated from college. They might not believe it. (Though, truth be told, it was quite a few years ago.) Nancy
    .-= Check out Nancy Singleton Hachisu

    • steph says

      Hey Nancy!

      I miss you! Are you coming to SF soon? I hope so. I would love to see you, my dear.

      And my voice sounds different from anyone else’s? How… intriguing. I’m going to go record myself and listen. 😉

  15. Nancy Singleton Hachisu says

    Hey right back at you Steph, love the nickname it’s so euphonious. I’ll be in SF area from 2/5 to 2/25, let’s definitely set a time. As for your voice…it’s the enthusiastic cadence that is so invigorating. I need you to be my business manager! Nancy
    .-= Check out Nancy Singleton Hachisu


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