12 Days: Everyday Raw

It’s Day 7 of the 12 Days of Christmas Cookbook Giveaway. I can’t believe we’re over halfway over – the holiday season always seems to move at warm speed once you get past the first week of December. Can you believe that in just over two weeks it will be 2011? It really boggles the mind.

Today I’m giving away a book that I feel is really important: Everyday Raw by Matthew Kenney. Why do I think this is a notable book? If you look waaaaay back in the archives of this site, you’ll see a lot of raw vegan recipes. I’ve ever been adhered to a raw vegan lifestyle 100% – though I was vegan for a few years there – I do think that eating at much raw food as possible it a healthy way to live. I strive to eat nothing cooked before dinner, filling my mornings and afternoon with salads, raw desserts, and other exciting raw treat. Along with a few other great raw “cook” books, Everyday Raw played an integral role in my cleaning up my diet.

Half of the duo that wrote Raw Food/Real World: 100 Recipes to Get the Glow – for some reason they booted him from the cover when he and his co-writer and then-girlfriend split up – Matthew Kenney has produced some of the raw food world’s most exciting recipes. If you’ve never dabbled in raw food, it’s worth a look just for the sheer creativity of it all. Macaroni and cheese with cashew cheese sauce? Check. Coconut créme anglaise? Gotcha. Cucumber and white grape gazpacho? Absolutely. And you know what? Even though these dishes don’t spend even a second near your stove or oven, they’re incredible satisfying and delicious.

Everyday Raw is the perfect book for a home cook who not only loves the freshest of ingredients, but really enjoys the the creativity and challenge of adopting a new way of looking at food. I’ll share one little secret about raw “cooking” – you can make a full-course meal in half the time it takes to cook something. I’d call that a serious win.

The Giveaway

Here’s how to enter: To win a copy of this book, leave a comment on a different post on my site, and then leave a comment here to tell me what you’ve done. For every post you comment on, you’ll get one entry. I’ll announce the winners on Christmas Eve.

What Is the 12 Days of Christmas Cookbook Giveaway?

I’m giving away 12 cookbooks for the twelve days of Christmas. Every day, I will post a new book to give away. How can you find out the cookbook of the day? Well, you can come back here and check, or you can subscribe to my RSS feed or post mailing list, so that you’ll be alerted when I announce a new book.

To see all of the entries in one place, you can check the Blog Giveaway category.

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Comments from other ninjas:

  1. Nick says

    I left a message on the PF Change lettuce wrap site, boy I do love those! And for the day after, maybe more raw food dishes!

  2. clara says

    left comment on your 7/8/09 curried quinoa entry.

    i tried raw desserts for the first time at a health store free sample giveaway and the chocolate was pretty good.

  3. Pam Lacey says

    Hi – this book looks fantastic. I’m a “a lot of raw” person, so I’m sure I could put this cookbook to frequent use. I left a comment on the Green Smoothie post (love Victoria’s book!) Crossing my fingers!

  4. Joyce Mosby says

    I have left a post on ninjabread as well as several others today. I would love this book. I agree with raw as much as possible.


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