Food Photography for Bloggers (or, Photography for Food Bloggers)

I’ve been reading a lot about food photography for bloggers lately, and it’s clear that the lighting here in my apartment just isn’t going to cut it. I’ve got the nice camera, but this cloudy time of year when the sun says sayonara at 5pm, the problems isn’t the capture device… it’s relearning how I think about light.

I thought I would share a series of links that I’ve found valuable when it comes to learning the art of food porn creation. When shooting for a blog/cookbook/whathaveyou, you want people to drool like Pavlov’s dogs. These folks will turn you into the next dinnertime da Vinci.

Tips on Food Photography for Bloggers

(or, Photography for Food Bloggers)

Examples of good food photography:

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Comments from other ninjas:

  1. yogiwan says

    thanks for this. It should help a lot.

    Now if I could just get access to some of the good photos to add to my content and show off my cookware and bakeware products. I never seem to have enough.

  2. George Cochrane says

    Jesus, people are doing HDR food photos? That seems like huge overkill to me. As for now, I’m just wanting to get a cheap light-with-stand and a piece of gray backdrop paper so I can create a little area to take good shots. Half my blog is iPhone shots these days, which makes me cry a little.

  3. steph says

    Yogiwan, sometimes I search through Flickr for nice photos and then ask the photographers if I can use their work if I give them credit. They’re usually very helpful and excited that someone is interested in their work.

  4. steph says

    Charmain & George, what do you think of those Lowel light? I’m considering them, but money is tight these days. Still, though, they seem to look REALLY nice for under $100.

  5. Charmian Christie says

    Thanks for this Stephanie. My shots are great during the summer, but I get so frustrated come winter when the light is dull, even at noon, and gone before supper.

  6. Neel | Learn Food Photogaphy says

    Interesting list. There are many many other links that I have found very useful. I like articles which give basics for food bloggers.

    I have not used Lowel lights and I think it still helps a lot of it is just to get a natural light source (like daylight bulb). It works perfectly fine for me and just costs about $10 or so.

  7. Kerry says

    thanks for the links, Steph. I used Lowell lights when I worked in television (though with people more than food). they do have good color balance, however on my own I find incandescent bulbs with reflectors of some sort just as good when available light doesn’t suit.