Fearless Fresh: It’s FINALLY Here!!

Fearless Fresh Color Logo http://www.fearlessfresh.com

Oh my GOSH! I am so excited and I can barely contain myself. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve had a big project under way, one that would totally redefine what I do in this newsletter and on the website. And it’s finally done!

​Before I ramble on for paragraphs about how elated I am to push this baby out into the world, here she is:

The new FearlessFresh.com is ready!

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The new Fearless Fresh website is for people who want to get serious about cooking. It’s where I share friendly­-fierce guidance with steps and inspiration to sharpen your skills, so we can tame and reclaim the kitchen as your happy place. And I am so, so happy to share it with you.

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I want to explain a little about what you’ll find on FearlessFresh.com:

I’ll be adding new content to Fearless Fresh every week – actionable, purpose-driven advice designed to make your cooking life not only easier, but totally awesome.

I have one passionate purpose: to turn you into a cooking ninja. By the time I get through with you, you’ll be a total badass in the kitchen.

Here’s what you can expect to see next:

  • The Ninja Cooking Support Group on Facebook will become the primary center of support, where I and a handful of professional chefs offer free advice and coaching to home cooks. Be sure to check it out!
  • Soon, TheCulinaryLife will also be re-branded to match Fearless Fresh. The two sites will remain separate for the time being, but will have a similar look and feel.
  • All social media channels are also rebranded to match the new Fearless Fresh design. Check out Twitter and Facebook.
  • This fall I’m releasing a new digital ebook, totally free, that will change the way you think about dinner. So keep an eye out for that! Make sure you’re on the mailing list so you can be the first to get a copy.

​I’d like to take a second to acknowledge the amazing team of people who were instrumental in building the new Fearless Fresh site. Kathleen Shannon, Tara Street, and Liz Johnson of Braid Creative designed the spot-on branding and visual identity, and Lisa Butler of Elembee turned their vision into a gorgeously designed and developed website. Jeff and Joy Miller of Five Js Design handled many of the flourishes and creative assets you’ll see popping up in ebooks, accompaniments, and social media. Julie Dreyfoos, our fearless production manager, kept the backend tethered together and helped me stay [semi-] sane when I thought this project might consume me.

Every single person on this team did an incredible job and it shows in the finished product. If you’re looking for design or branding help, I highly recommend you check out their services, linked above.

And a million thanks to you, yes YOU, the person reading this right now, for being here to experience this right along side me. You’re the whole reason I’m doing this.

To-Do this Week: Check out the new FearlessFresh.com! Then leave a comment and let me know what you think. Your opinion really does mean the world to me. :) If you see any bugs, please let me know about those, too.

Fearless Fresh Flame Logo on https://www.theculinarylife.com

The Dark Knight Cake (Triple Chocolate Layer Cake)

Dark Knight Cake

I love cake, but I have a serious aversion to bad cake. What do I mean by bad cake? Too-sweet cake. Too-dry cake. Boring cake. Uninspired cake. Cake that tastes like it’s made from a cake mix, or cake that has a texture resembling a used sponge from a college cafeteria dish pit.

Some people believe that any and all cake is good, just for the sheer fact that it’s cake. I’m not like that. For me, bad cake is the worst form of baking heresy. And there are a lot of bad cakes out there.

I’m always tinkering with recipes, trying to make them more interesting. More… compelling. Sometimes that involves reducing the amount of sugar, changing up the type of fat used, experimenting with different kinds of flours, or adding other ingredients that the average person might not think to put in a cake. This cake is a great example of that line of thinking.

I’ve dubbed this decadently rich, moist cake The Dark Knight Cake. It’s a tall, glowering tower of chocolate intensity – the emo Christian Bale of baking. A generous blast of dark roast coffee and a touch of milk makes for a gently bitter tone, while a hint of cayenne adds mystique without turning up the heat.

I’ve also added dates for extra tenderness – you might think it’s weird, but trust me and try it. It’s nearly impossible to ruin this cake unless you A) seriously over bake it, or B) overmix it within an inch of its life. Don’t go crazy with the baking and mixing, and you’ll be sure to have a masterful dessert on your hands when all is said and done.

This dish calls for one recipe each of chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream frosting. I’ve linked to these additional recipes in the ingredients list below. Feel free to make the icings the day before and keep them in the refrigerator, allowing them to come fully to room temperature before constructing the finished cake. Read more >>