White, Bright, and Squeaky Clean

Carrot Love

After many years of having a very colorful website, I’ve developed the need to shed all of that, at least for the time being. I’ve been taking up WAY too much of Ben’s time in the art and design department, and I figured it was about time I took this site in a much cleaner direction, where the content speaks for itself.

So, as you can see (or if you click over from the RSS feed, if you’re reading it there) the site is now entirely white. This will accomplish a few things:

  1. The site will now be easier to navigate, as there is less clutter.
  2. The things I post, such as recipes and photos, will not have to compete with the other design elements of the page.
  3. The photography will “pop” more, which means I’d better get on the ball about improving it.
  4. I won’t have to hassle Ben anymore when one of the really cool toys he implemented a few years ago inevitably breaks due to a WordPress or plugin update. ;)

I’ve been wanting an all-white website for a while now, and since I’ve been home sick with this evil cold/flu/plague thing, it seemed like a good time to go for it.

So, my little beta-tasters, please click around the site and let me know if you see anything broken, missing, or otherwise amiss. I appreciate your help!


  1. Nancy Dobrinski says:

    It’s like a breath of fresh spring air! Love, love, love it.

  2. Looks great. I’ve been thinking about going white myself.

  3. LOVE IT! Now could you have a talk with the rest of the blog world please? ;)

    You definitely have the contrast effect going on in a big way. No better way to highlight your content. It’s wonderful.

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