Simple Birthday Joys

Today’s my birthday. And because you’re too polite to ask, I’m not going to tell you how old I am. ;)

I woke up today to my husband making gluten free Star Wars pancakes in our newly decluttered kitchen (which is, by far, the best gift to myself possible).

I ordered my iPhone earlier in the week, so today I’m going to peruse the Grand Lake Farmers Market for some Kettle Korn (dammit, Garrett!) and I’m going to be baking some variation of gluten free chocolate buns. Then, sushi and god-knows-what.

Here’s to a good ‘nother turn around the sun.


  1. Heather @ Side of Sneakers says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Love those candles ;)

  2. Star Wars Pancakes? Ugh! So jealous right now!
    AND the new iPhone? Jiminy Cripes!

  3. Heather in SF says:

    Have an awesome sauce birthday!!!

  4. Happy Birthday! Love the candles and sprinkles! So colorful!

  5. MarthaAndMe says:

    Those pancakes are the cutest thing!

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