Valentine's Day Sweets Showcase

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Below are a few of the prettiest Valentine’s Day desserts I’ve come across on the internet, via MegaNom.


  1. julie @ buy holiday cookies says:

    These are amazing! You’ve inspired me to create something beautiful for Valentine’s Day this year. I think the floating islands are the way to go!
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  2. john@ valentine gifts for her says:

    These are such works of art that they look too nice to eat!
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  3. Jennifer@London Flower Delivery says:

    How beautiful. That first butterfly one is awork of art. You’re right John, I couldn’t brin myself to eat it either! :-)
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  4. retro sweets online says:

    inspirational gifts here!

  5. Rome Art says:

    awesome valentines designs, im very inspired

  6. Looks absolutely delicious. Combined with flower delivery, I think I will be set for another year.

  7. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan says:

    Lots of sinful delights there!
    What am I going to do with all my resolutions to cut down on my sugar intake if I dont checking in to sites like these.
    So so so hate you. :(
    Seriously. ;)
    ambika@valentine’s day messages for beloved

  8. This looks delish!

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