Random Dessert Design

While wasting time on the internet, I ran across some desserts that made me want to get out my baking equipment and fill my digestive system with pound after pound of refined sugar. I probably won’t do it for real, but I will share what I found.

Follow the links for instructions on how to create these little gems.

R2-D2 cake:

It’s even a red velvet cake! My pre-gluten-free favorite! (BTW, if anyone has a GF red velvet cake recipe that doesn’t taste like dirt, I’ll be your best friend)

Super Mario Brothers mushroom cakes:

Just about the cutest rendition I’ve ever seen of a HUGE part of my childhood pop-culture.

Tuxedo and bridal dress strawberries:

I have a thing for chocolate-covered strawberries. Like, to an unreal degree.

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